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Creatively strategizing, using unforeseen resources and partnerships to battle any issue that prevents or inhibits the growth of life.

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The Marjory Stoneman Douglas - Pelican Brief

Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Martin Luther King, Jr. have more similarities than you think.

The 2017 FHEO's Annual Report was a "Copy and Paste" of 2016.

FHEO's Annual Report 2016
2016 Relief.PNG
FHEO's Annual Report 2017
2017 Relief.PNG

If a company usually brings in an annual average of 25 million dollars in relief funds for victims of housing discrimination. But only 9 million the next year and submits no more reports for the next 3 year "Houston we have a problem!"

Leveraging HUD Funds.PNG

FACT - Same chart but different meaning.

Former President Donald Trump

Commissioner Dale Holeness 

Mayor Dean Trantalis

Broward County, FL

City of Fort Lauderdale, FL

We need accountability now.


February 14, 2018

"Be a nuisance when it counts. Do your part to inform and stimulate the public to join your action. Be depressed, discouraged, & disappointed at failure & the disheartening effects of ignorance, greed, corruption & bad politics — but never give up." - Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Reported by: CNN 2018

Unnecessary resources used to cover-up racial discrimination. Communications linked to the Broward Commissions Office. I live in district 9 in Broward County. Tabitha Stevens who refused to take my complaint and 2 separate text messages from Carol Powell-Phillips sending me messages of intimidation about making a complaint that shortly followed both conversations with Tabitha Stevenson who stated that "we don't want to mention BROWARD"; 1st Carol Powell- Phillips, out of fear i deleted it, the 2nd was from Carol Powell-Phillips again however this time through her husband's cell phone Sam Phillips about 6 months after the first text message. - Medically documented.


This would tie in liability to the County Commissioner's Office. 

Dedication of the Report: Dr. Stephen Barber

Fort Lauderdale Housing's Informal HeariAnita Flores, Terry Brewer
00:00 / 44:26
Requesting for an investigation:

Letters to:

Congressman Alcee Hastings

  1. Racial Discrimination
  2. Deprivation of Honest Services -  Federal Mail and Wire Fraud
  3. Gaslighting
  4. Sexual Orientation 
  5. Misuse of Government Power
  6. Data Privacy & Security Violations
  7. Familiar and Adoption Discrimination 
  8. Reserved  


Vice Mayor

Robert L. McKinzie

I'm being FRAMED


Home, Savings and Retirement



Mail Intentionally delayed and PO Box Closed without reason. In addition Mail from HUD that requires a response is undeliverable. 

I'm being gas-lighted and setup by a family member who has a business grant with the Urban League I was hired to do work for her but she ended up placing me as the sole person working within her company. 


More life insurance calls selling life insurance but delivered as a warning.

Caution tape was placed in my yard and after my yard was cut it was placed back in the exact location.


Address was changed in the SSI system atleast 12 times, followed by me having to visit the Social Security Office to change it back.


Email to Vice Mayor of Fort Lauderdale Robert McKenzie was blocked and made undeliverable.

Spray paint on my sidewalk in front of my house the next day after contacting someone close to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Shooting.


Barbara Murry offered her place and car as a settelment, however while staying there I was thrown out the moment I started to finish writing my complaint and a message was delivered to me through the Comcast messaging system.

Sheriff's Office


Costco intentionally put rice grains in the black bean burger --- Keto

Dr. J L - Was trying to get me to confess to something I never did.

Jewish hate mail was embedded and buried at the bottom of marketing emails.

I believe this was done for someone to have a claim, connecting me and the contents as being a possible threat. 

But these emails were sent to me a




Special Thanks - 

Paul Kopp


Blue Angels



Thank you for your service.

Mayor Dean Trantalis fast-tracked Millions of dollars to rebuild the city's water and sewer system for his own personal agenda and in the public best interest, but the furtherance of Racial Zoning.

I had to by shades to wear at night because of cars and vehicles intentionally using their bright lights and even people on bicycles using strobe lights. I know it's intentional because a neighbor tried to cancel my claim by saying how he had noticed the new cars with brighter lights.


The problem is they are not all new cars and more than 50% of the vehicles using the "extra" bright lights were older. 


My grand mother also helped me confirm that I wasn't just seeing things. Be cause of the health condition with her eyes even being out mid day would seem dark. I even put brighter lightbulbs to turn on in the house during the day. 

So when we are out together sometimes she confirms what's happening by seeing "wow those lights are bright...she says it every time we pass by a vehicle that's shining super bright lights. When driving with regular beams on the light for her are too low and she thinks they need to be turned on. When a car passing us with standard high beams, for her they are normal and for me they are bright. I'm only stating this to prove the point that, if my grand mother with severe vision problem  thinks that something is bright, how would you image how i experienced... while I can tell you that these lights are so bright that they cause an instant throbbing headache.

Drivers trying to incite Road Rage by transference. 

Drivers and Cyclist trying to incite Road Rage by extremely bright lights...

1. Feeling of emotions

2. A Physical response to what you're feeling

But what if you reverse engineer that, finding a way to incite road rage without physical or verbal communication.

No one can be angry or get angry without pupil dilation. If experts have found many ways to trick your body to "calm down"  surely they have found ways into tricking a persons' body into a fight or flight response.

Reverse engineer an emotional response by making a person's eye dilate. Muscle memory +

To the United Nations -Request special investigation,


It is evident with the delayed/media instigated investigations...


If you really want the trust of black voters or any minority. You are obligated to gain the confidence and trust of all. 

Have you really placed yourself in a black person's shoes?  

Here's why I say no... if I know that not too long ago the Director of the FBI had it stone-cold out for a person we now have a holiday national holiday for, and one who still speaks the truth from the dead, I would have to ask why is J Edgar Hovers name on a building. Name dedication is not just to honor someone but it is to attach who they are to your brand. 


Before you answer that question first "try" to put on those shoes before you read J Edgar Hoover's letter to a national leader. Then ask yourself as a black when you meet an FBI Agent or an officer would you have complete faith and trust in them.  

It is highly debatable that Martin Luther King did just as much for poor whites. Why would a man publicly speak against the most civil approach be seen as a threat to national security?

Article: Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X               Only Met Once

Date: Feb 5, 20202

By: Barbara Maranzani


After reading the above article you will know Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were on polar ends of the earth when it comes to violence. If J Edgar Hoover deemed Martin Luther King a threat (domestic terrorist) to national security, can you please take a look at the below graph and tell me where would you place Malcolm X?


Now, if you still have those shoes on, take this same concept to a state and local level and ask yourself where would you be placed based on the placement of Martin Luther King his assignation.....

Please keep them on, after you have thought about yourself, think of the people you looked up to, and what happened to them? One of the biggest laughs I get is seeing the expression of a white person in Florida's face after telling them why I, to this day, look at Congressman Alcee Hastings as a role model. Well if you still have those shoes on you will agree with me too. 


He's a black man, who hasn't sold his soul, who's been legally and politically launched by the very people who impeached him for 28 years. 

And to be honest not just that, it's his journey. In order to survive as a black man you have to look at other black men "who man it". It's important to know that making it as a black man looks different. It's not about getting to the top, it's about how to deal with others who see you as a symbol of hope, and before it appears as if I'm kissing up I will prove it.


Any time you have a person who is the first of there family to go to college, or even move to a "better area" they are change-makers. Changing a racial stereotype of blacks, and paving the way. Being the first comes with pressure and an automatic appointment to the Jim Crow's Most Wanted list. 

Because if one person can do it, so can it.


On August 28, 1979, President Jimmy Carter appointed then, Alcee Hastings, to the Florida federal bench, making him Florida's "first" African-American federal judge. 

Feb 4, 1983, Judge Hastings was acquitted in the criminal trial for perjury and bribery.

Mar 1983, a month after Hastings' acquittal, two U.S. District Court judges filed a complaint against Hastings under the 1980 Judicial Councils Reform and Judicial Conduct and Disability Act (PL 96-458), accusing the judge of fabricating his defense.

Aug 25, 1986Hastings tried but failed to block federal judiciary from making a formal recommendation to Congress.

Sep 2, 1986The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta voted to recommend impeachment to the House, despite the fact that Hastings was acquitted in his criminal trial.

Sep 3, 1986Recommendation of Circuit Court forwarded to U.S. Judicial Conference.

Jan 16, 1987Hastings petitioned Congress to terminate the judicial investigation and to repeal PL 96-458, which provided the legal basis for the investigation. The Senate referred the petition to the Judiciary Committee.

Mar 17, 1987 Subsequent investigation of Hastings' actions led the panel of 11th Circuit Court judges to conclude that Hastings had lied during the trial and was guilty of perjury and bribery, and that he had fabricated his defense.  The 27-judge panel certified that Hastings had "engaged in conduct which might constitute grounds for impeachment," and recommended impeachment to the House of Representatives.

Apr 18, 1988, U.S. Supreme Court rejected Hastings attempt to invalidate the Judicial Councils Reform and Judicial Conduct and Disability Act.

May 18, 1988 House Judiciary Subcommittee on Criminal Justice began investigating charges against Hastings.

Jul 7, 1988 House Judiciary Subcommittee on Criminal Justice voted 7 to 0 in favor of impeachment.

Jul 26, 1988 House Judiciary Committee voted 32 to 1 to approve 15 articles of impeachment, and approved 2 other articles by voice vote.

Aug 3, 1988 House of Representatives voted 413 to 3 to approve 17 articles of impeachment.

Aug 9, 1988 House of Representatives formally presented impeachment resolution to the Senate.

Jan 26, 1989 Senate Rules Committee heard arguments from House Managers and Hastings' attorneys on how to conduct impeachment trial. Defense attorneys also asked that Hastings be allowed use of Senate funds in his defense.

Mar 15, 1989 Senate began impeachment proceedings. Hastings appeared before the Senate, asking that the articles be dismissed, claiming a second trial would amount to "double jeopardy."

Mar 16, 1989 After a two-hour closed session, the Senate rejected Hastings' motion for dismissal by 92 to 1 vote. (Senator Howard Metzenbaum later stated that he believed Hastings had already been tried and a further trial was not warranted and violated protections against "double jeopardy.")

Mar 16, 1989 Senate passed S. Res. 38, creating a 12-member Senate Impeachment Trial Committee.

Apr 12-13, 1989 Senate Trial Committee deliberated in closed session.

May 18, 1989 Senate Trial Committee rejected Hastings' request for Senate funding of his defense.

Jul 5, 1989 Judge Gerhard A. Gessell dismissed Hastings' complaint that he would not receive fair trial unless the full Senate heard all evidence and testimony.

Jul 10, 1989 Senate Trial Committee began hearing evidence, a process that continued until August 3, 1989.

Oct 2, 1989Senate Trial Committee presented its report to the Senate.

Oct 2, 1989 Senate Trial Committee presented its report to the Senate.

Oct 18, 1989 Case came before the full Senate. Hastings, on the Senate floor, spoke in his own defense.

Oct 19, 1989 Senate deliberated in closed session.

Oct 20, 1989 Senate voted on 11 articles of impeachment, convicting Hastings on 8 articles, with 2 articles falling short of the necessary two-thirds majority for conviction, and a third article receiving a 95 to 0 vote for not guilty. The president pro tempore of the Senate ordered Hastings removed from office.

My point, he was my first Barack Obama. Trust me, every black community has a first Barack, the world just met him in 2009. But I don't have to tell you what happened. If you review the chronology, as a Federal Judge, he never got his feet wet.

What did he do after that, he got back up and "served" his community then became our current Congressional Representative. To lighten this up a little he's someone to find out what brand of cereal did he eat. If I had a child he'd be one of the people on display to view just like the Blue Angels. You see one day I know my child will meet turbulence and I'd want him to know how to get through it. Oh, and by the way, if I were of a white man I'd be 10x likely of doing the same thing because he needs to know an example of a good black man because it is inevitable for him to meet a black person.    

There must be a proportionate justice system for all.

15. Children Family and Services

16. First Broward Auto Tag

      Agency of Lauderhill

17.  Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A.

18.  Broward Sexual Assault Treatment Center

19. Calvary Chapel - Fort Lauderdale

20. US Coast Guard

21. Covenant Living of Florida

22. Walmart - Broward/I-95 and Coral Springs

23. West Boca Medical Center

24. Florida Medical Center

25. University Hospital and Medical Center

26. Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Health Center

27. DuckDuckGo

28.  CubeSmart

29. Broward County Public Schools

30.  Walgreens

31. Terminix 

32.  Broward County Transit

33. Cleveland Clinic Florida

             - Dr. Lawrence Hakim


34. Humana Medicare Advantage

35. Broward County Housing

36. Housing Authority of the City of Fort Lauderdale

37. Wells Fargo

38. Social Security Administration - Fort Lauderdale

39. Publishing Clearing House

40. ADT Security Services

41. Voices for Children

42. Adobe Creative Cloud

43. AAA

44. Compass Health 

45. Verizon

46. Holy Cross Medical 

47. Broward DDS - Dr. Michael Barnard & Associates

48.  Transcendental Meditation

49. Paul Wizman - Bariatrix Florida

50. Nova Southeastern University

51. Family Feud (Game App)

52. Metro PCS

53. PNC Bank

54. Costco - Davie. Fl

55. Mc Donalds - Sunrise Blvd and NW 24th Ave

56. Shell Gas - 21 and Oakland

57. Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

58. Sam's Club - Sunrise, Fl

59. T-Moble 

60. Auto Nation Chevrolet


62. Allianz Life of New York

63. Express VPN

64. Tracy Morning

65. CashApp

66. Southwest Airlines

67. American Airline

68. Delta Airline

69. Spirit Airline

70. Sears

71. CSX

72. Donkin Dougnuts 

73. Nuance Dragon

74. Tri-Rail 

75. Limewire

76. Greyhound

77. Words with Friends

78. Draw Something Classic

79. Family Dollar 

80. Perdue University

81. Pest-to-Kill Inc

82. Broward Aging and Disability

83. Google Maps

84. Bank of America

85. WSVN 7 - Miami

86. Publix

87. FPL

88. Amazon

89. Broward County Supervisor of Elections

90. AT&T

91. Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue 

92. New York Fire Rescue

93. Enterprise Rental

94. Facebook

95. Paypal 

96. CVS Pharmacy 

97.Our Daily Bread

98. Broward County Library

99. International Longshoremen's Association 1526

100. Canada Air

101. Lowes

102. Allstate

103. University of Florida

104. Florida Department of State Division of Corporations


105. Apple

106. FDA

107. DropBox

108. GEICO 

109. Palm Beach County Sherriff's Office

110. Secretary of Homeland Security gave orders for the coast guard to fly over my house.

111. Godaddy

112. Dillard High School

113. Virginia Hospital Center

114. FOX

115. Fox News

116. Pest-to-Kill Inc.

117. Indeed

118. People's Finder

119. Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood Airport

120. AVG

121. Scottish Inns - Henderson, NC

122. Henderson Mental  Health

123. Valeant

124. CIPLA

125. SHIRE

126. 5 Leaf Laboratories LLC

127. Dove

128. FDOT

129. Adobe Stock

130. Gatorade

131. University of Miami

132. Lauderhill Fire Rescue

133. Oakland Park Fire Rescue

134. U-Haul - Broward Blvd/ 27th Ave

135. eharmony

136. LA Fitness

137. Satori Apartments

138. City of New Jersey

139. Newark Liberty International Airport

140. Hikma Farmaceutica, SA - Portugal

141. Cipla USA, Inc. Sunrise, Fl

142. Dollar General - Lauderhill

143. Capital One

144. Netflix 

145. Regal Cinemas - Broward Mall - Plantation, FL

146. Jacksonville Fire Rescue

147. City of Manhattan - New York

148. Microsoft Teams

149. MyFax

150. Grammarly

151. ABC Building Supplies

152. City of Boca Raton  

153. City of Miami




First Broward Auto Tag Agency of Lauderh
Cole Scott & Kissane PA.png
download (1).png

Pyro Glyphics and Firecrackers (In season and out of season)

Ear Plugs

My computer is compromised, it started with my computer iD changing, then the OS upgraded to Windows pro


Paper Plates

Nicholas Tesla / US SpaceForce - American Airlines

Canada Airlines

Delta Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Spirit Airlines

After my accident in Canada, I was told that they wouldn't accept my insurance and they practically even questioned if it was really sick at all. 

Home automation


AC unit 

flickering lights

I believe my mother is controlling certain settings of the house temperature.

The car door was locking without me pressing the remote...

At Cleveland Clinic I was told that surgery on my shoulder was not recommended. 

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Flicker Vertigo

Extreme Surveillance 

Victims of Retaliation:

  1. Stoneman Douglas 

  2. Dr. Stephen Barber 

  3. Dr. Paula Ann Frances - Medicare interfered with the medical billing preventing further treatment.

  4. Alonzo Herring

  5. Rebecca Herring

  6. James Daniel Boyd

  7. Mr. Bruce Davis - Bed Bugs and Mold - went through the legal channels but was dehumanized by Broward County. Bruce is proof of the Broward Housing segregated placement system. He had a regular voucher but they told him where he'd stay. Bruce never had a choice, which is what life's about.

  8. Rosetta Herring


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